Department of English Education Students are Presented Their Paper In International Conference

Department of English Education Students are Presented Their Paper In International Conference

International Undergraduate Conference on English Education (IUCEE) is an academic forum for undergraduate students, especially those majoring in English education. The aim is to provide a forum for students and lecturers to share ideas on all topics related to English Language Teaching and beyond.

The University of Darussalam Gontor also participated in this event followed by Aniesa with the title The Phenomena of E-learning and Being Autonomous Learner in Pandemic Era and Nurin Farzana with the title An Analysis of Stress in Homographs Orthography. It held on march 12-13, 2022, with the important dates: Abstract submission Due February 16, 2002, with various obstacles that exist thus, they still present it with passion and unyielding to advance English Language Education then break our sense of surrender to bring the name University of Darussalam Gontor and especially English Language Education then until the conference dates march 12, 2022 it held the conferences with participants from various universities following suit.

Then with some outstanding speakers such as Associate professor Dr. Noor Raha Mohd Radzuan from (University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia), Dr. Joey Balatayo from (Capiz State University, Philippines), Jessica Vega, M.A., TESOL. From Universidad Adventista de Chile, South America) and Dr. Ani Susanti, M.Pd.B.I. from University of Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia). This event contains various education in it ranging from patience greetings to meet the obstacles of gaining time in making a full paper to meet existing requirements and certain experiences that never happen because the best teacher is best to experience starting from the experience can be a lesson in improving the ability and achievement of students.***

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